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Cargo Services

Accredited weighing
We are offering accredited weighing of trucks and your cargo in connection with loading/discharging operations. We issue official weight certificates for your cargo.
We also offer talli-control for packaged cargo, big bags etc.

We offer inspection of vessel cargo hold according to LCI (load Compartment Inspection).

Cargo Quality Control
We offer cargo quality control of your cargo in all ports. We use high quality and reputable equipment, which is able to calculate the moisture, hectoliter and stowage factor of your cargo.

Cargo Sampling
We offer cargo samples during load/discharge operations and have storage for same in all our ports.

In all ports we have a "DICKEY-John 2500-AGRI Grain Analysis Computer" incl. printer for analyses & tests. We are offering reports/prints for; every single truck, intervals or averages for the whole loading/discharging operation in connection with customized lists.

Tank Storage & Road Transport
Road transport - the main mode of transport for the delivery of petroleum products from distribution depots and loading points directly in to the place of consumption (gas stations, vehicle maintenance, etc.).

Baltic Shipping Company also engages in the business of petroleun products storage using our network of storage tanks distributed all across Russia. We also offer off site storage, in other locations outside of Russia, and help in distribution of the product between tank farms, between storage tanks and end users and vice versa.

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